Jewellery and accessories

Jewellery and accessories

Small metal parts brazing in jewellery, silverware and accessories: this type of brazing demands precision, care or concern about aesthetics and the need to maintain the title of the base metals. High silver alloys (from 45 to 72% Ag) are employed, in form of thin rods or wires. The brazing is done by handheld torch, rarely by furnace.

Fluxes in powder or paste form working at low temperatures with instantaneous action are applied.

Registered Office and Offices:
Via Friuli, 5
20072 Fizzonasco di P.E. - Milano - Italy
TEL. +39 02 907 81 812
FAX. +39 02 907 84 933

Via Privata Vico Veneto, 32/5
20072 Fizzonasco di P.E. - Milan - Italy

Via Martiri Della Resistenza, 6
20072 Fizzonasco di P.E. - Milano - Italy

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