Founded more than 30 years ago by Eng. Vittorio Tura, SaldFlux is specialized in the production of silver brazing alloys and fluxes.
A vibrant, stimulating company, totally oriented towards the market and its clientele, that owes its success to the endless search for quality on its products.

Since the beginning SaldFlux has been pursuing innovation in respect for environment, investing in technology, quality and work health safety rather than getting immediate economic advantages.
Thanks to an attentive and responsible policy on pricing, quality and service, SaldFlux has become a leading company in the field of brazing materials, in Italy as well as in more than 50 countries worldwide.


SaldFlux Srl Brazing Alloys & Fluxes manufactures:

  • Cadmium free (RoHS compliant) silver brazing alloys (TERNALLOY T, TERNALLOY S, TERNALLOY SPECIAL)
  • Copper-Phosphorus brazing alloys (FOS & SILVERFOS)
  • Brass and bronze alloys (WELD, FLUXWELD)
  • Aluminium and Aluminium Zinc alloys (ALUSALD)
  • Soft solder alloys Lead Free (TINALLOY & TINSALD)

All meeting the major international Standard Specifications or according to customer’s specific requirements.

Such products are available in rods, wires, rings and preforms, strips/foils forms.

Besides, our company is specialized in the production of fluxes for general and/or specific applications, made by innovative technology and in accordance with the current regulations (CE Nr. 1907/2006).

We are an undisputed leader in flux coating silver brazing rods. Our FLUXALLOY® and FLUIDALLOY® and SALDFLOW® rods represent a winning choice for our customers, practical and functional, environmentally friendly.

Registered Office and Offices:
Via Friuli, 5
20072 Fizzonasco di P.E. - Milano - Italy
TEL. +39 02 907 81 812
FAX. +39 02 907 84 933

Via Privata Vico Veneto, 32/5
20072 Fizzonasco di P.E. - Milan - Italy

Via Martiri Della Resistenza, 6
20072 Fizzonasco di P.E. - Milano - Italy

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