SaldFlux Srl - Brazing alloys & Fluxes

Manufactures alloys for brazing and braze welding exclusively in Italy, our factory and offices are situated in the southern part of the province of Milan.

We do produce a wide range of high quality products, both for general use and for special applications. Thanks to the the know-how and experience acquired in more than 30 years we are at your disposal to support you in the selection of the right materials suitable for your brazing requirements and purposes.

Our production capacities and capabilities enable us to satisfy any customers, we are partners of several companies in various industrial sectors, such as conditioning and heating systems, heat exchangers, technical gas distribution systems and industrial supplies in general, in thermo-hydraulic and thermo-sanitary sectors, electromechanical applications for energy production, manufacturers of diamond tools, of metal jewellery, of glasses and chandeliers.

SaldFlux s.r.l. is certified ISO 9001:2008.

Our products

Saldflux - Brazing
Saldflux - Welding
Saldflux - Plumbing

Saldflux - Argento
Saldflux - Argento
Registered Office and Offices:
Via Friuli, 5
20072 Fizzonasco di P.E. - Milano - Italy
TEL. +39 02 907 81 812
FAX. +39 02 907 84 933

Via Privata Vico Veneto, 32/5
20072 Fizzonasco di P.E. - Milan - Italy

Via Martiri Della Resistenza, 6
20072 Fizzonasco di P.E. - Milano - Italy

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