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Sound brazed joints can be achieved only when parent metals are free from oxidation. Thus all the range of filler metals must be matched with a flux to avoid oxidation arising during heating and to promote the flowing and capillarity attraction into the joint. Industrial best practice suggests the use of lux coated rods rather than the bare rods with a separate flux in powder or paste form.

Traditional coating paste contains a "plastic binder” that is normally used to stick the coating to the bare rods. That is why as soos as a flux coated rod meets the heating flame it releases unpleasant fumes, the burnt plastic binder reduces the natural flowing of the filler metal and leaves black residues on the final brazed joint, not always easy to remove. Try and flame a standard coated rod, plastic bubbles will arise immediately! (see the picture on the right).

SALDFLOW is an innovative type of coating that protects both the health of the operators and the environment. It is a water based paste (no binder inside), besides the flux used is not toxic: it does not contain any boric acid, it complies with the European Regulation REACH (1907/2006/EC).

SALDFLOW® coating improve cleaning of the based parent metlas and has a greater protective power against the oxidation. It is odorless and reduce the "glassy” residues after brazing. SALDFLOW® is develop for the manufacturing industry and wherever the containg of the arising fumes are a mandatory!

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