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Brazing filler metal is a metal to be added when making braze. Brazing filler metals are alloys that have liquids temperature above 450° C but below the solidus temperature of the metals being joined. The silver filler metal are used for joining most ferrous and non ferrous metals, except aluminum and magnesium. Saldflux manufactures a range of silver based filler metal compositions whic may have various additions. TERNALLOY T and TERNALLOY S are manufactured meeting the latest European Norms. They are suitable for all brazing operations on mild and stainless steels, carbon and low alloy steels, copper and copper alloys, zinc and zinc alloys. Filler metals should be chosen on their suitability for each particular application, accompanied by the ideal flux (either as a powder or a paste), to promote flow and wetting of the brazing alloy – guarantee of smooth and neat fillets.

The demand of TERNALLOY T in the early 2000’s was driven by the increasing requirements from industry for low-temperature materials, that could avoid the Healt and Safety problems that attend the use of cadmium bearing alloys. In the last 5 years its consumption has grown up very quickly because of the ban of Cadmium brazing alloys settled by Directive EU 494/20.

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