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These filler metals are employed with good effect in the brazing of mild steel assemblies such as bicycle frames and wheelchair. They can be used on steels, copper and copper alloys, nickel, nickel- based alloys and stainless steel where corrosion resistance is not a major requirement.

The difference in composition between one filler material and another have poor effects on their performance and brazing characteristics. The addition of silicon enhances the smoothness of the resul- tant fillet. The addition of silver and tin help flowing characteristics despite melt- ing range is not be much lowered.

These filler metals with the addition of manga- nese and nickel are susbstantially stron- ger than the conventional copper-zinc alloys. Weld 110 is often used for brazing tungsten carbides A high temperature flux is required or the use of fluxcoated rods is suggested.

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